Dear Members,

Hope you and your families are all well and enjoying being out and about again.

Just an update on a few important things that I have been emailed about frequently.

Registration for Autumn 2021

Registration for Season A2021 is now open and closes on Sunday 20th December.

Here is the link for those that have missed it –


Registering Multiple Children on HQ:

This is the first time we have had to pay using HQ, so there will always be a few teething problems.

When you register all kids will show up on the first page but you can only select one at a time.  Unlike Sports TG (previous registration platform), it does NOT ask you to register another child. You then need to pay for the first child by credit card or direct deposit. Then it will ask if you want to register ANOTHER child.  Go in and select the next child, register and when you go to pay this is when the discount will be applied. The same will happen for the third child.  (Thanks to Julie Taylor for alerting us to this).

Any queries with Registration please refer your enquiries to Paul at

Please note: unlike with Sports TG Paul is unable to do Manual registrations

If anyone is facing hardship re payment please contact our Vice President at to organise a payment plan.


Girls Competition:

If anyone missed the notification from Diamond Valley Basketball Association – due to the redevelopment of the Diamond Valley Basketball Stadium (estimate due to be able to return is April) there will be no midweek games played.

U8-U16 girls competition will be played on Saturdays at various venues. I do not have notification of the times of the games and am hoping DVBA will inform us of this as soon as possible – I understand many of the girls have other activities on Saturdays.

Girls U19 will be played on Sunday evenings.

From Diamond Valley Basketball Association – 

Any players who have now aged out of our U19s & U21s age groups during the Covid-19 pandemic will be able to play the Autumn 2021 season.

If you do have players that fit this criteria all I ask is that you send a list of these players to me so we can have them in our records. (Please contact

I have had a few queries in regards to the time slots for the Sunday afternoon age groups (U18, U19 & U21s). The earliest games will be played is 5:00pm and finishing at 10:00pm (depending on team entries).

Once we have regained access to the four DV courts at the start of Term 2, we will roll games into DV and move game times back to earlier time slots. We may also be able to move some games back out of Sunday and into Saturday.


If you have any information for your Age Group Coordinator please contact them directly from our website. We are in the process of updating our committee names to positions but the email addresses are all still current.

Welcome to new committee members

U8 Boys Laura Conte

U10 Boys Amanda Muller

General Committee  Rachael Livy.

Welcome to our new Committee Members and thank you so much for the two new Age Co-ordinators for filling these positions so that the boys can get into their teams and back on the court in 2021.

Info for teams and Trainings for next season:

As you can imagine, the time frame for getting organised for next season because of Covid has been cut short so in terms of our time this has too.

Please be mindful that our Committee, like yourselves, will be enjoying a well-earned break over Christmas. Once back from their break they will begin the process of sorting players into teams, appointing coaches and allocating training times then contacting teams.  We are also yet to be notified by the schools when they will be accessible for trainings, so once this happens Melinda Read, our Training Venue Coordinator, will be in touch with the Coordinators. Again, this is out of our control.

Unlike other seasons where we have been able to give you a date before Christmas, we are unfortunately unable to do this for next season.  Please be patient and the information will get to you in January when it is completed.

Anything urgent please contact myself on the president email below over the break.


I would like to say a huge thank you to Dean Treweek (our exiting Vice President) and Danni Nigro (our Treasurer) for the many, many hours they have put in to getting the refunds out to everyone.  This has been a huge job and one I hope they never have to do again.

Please note refunds are being done in batches so if you are yet to receive yours, it is still coming (up to December 18).

Refund request form –

And that’s a wrap! 

I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and restful summer break and look forward to seeing all the kids back on the basketball court in late January.

Go Sharks!


Meaghan Ryan

St Mary’s Basketball Club