St Mary’s Basketball Club Policies

SMBC Parents' and Players' Codes of Conduct - Extended version

SMBC Parents' and Players' Code of Conduct - Summary

SMBC Registration Fees and Refund Policy

SMBC Registration Policy

SMBC Team Selection Policy

SMBC Coaching Policy

SMBC Playing Up Policy

SMBC Concussion & Serious Injury and Serious Illness Policy

SMBC Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

SMBC Child Safe Environment Policy

SMBC Critical Incident, Serious Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

Basketball Victoria Policies

Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct

Basketball is intended to be a recreational activity for enjoyment and health. These code of conduct has been developed by Basketball Victoria to give participants some guide to the expectations it has on those participants. It is intended to assist everyone to obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in basketball. As a result, the quality of participation will be improved so people are more likely to start and continue their involvement in basketball. Enjoy!!

Basketball Victoria Photography Policy

Basketball Victoria recognises that there are many legitimate reasons why still and video photography at sports is very common and does not wish to unnecessarily restrict or curb that photography.

DVBA Policies


Diamond Valley Basketball Association’s Statement of Commitment to Child Safety